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Road Signs

The ongoing road construction activities along Outering Road has started to attract people especially regular users of the road both motorists and pedestrians alike.
On different occasion I have witnessed passengers in public vehicle taking a few snap shots with their mobile phones.
  Mega structures are coming up which has attracted attention of road users. Pedestrians and curios residents are seen on site enjoying to see how construction is taking place oblivious of the dangers they are exposed to. On the other hand there are no road signs to warn the curious onlookers and sign available are not visible as a warning signs.
Construction sites are protected areas for those without safety protective gears. Safety for both workers and other road users is important.
Road Construction Signs

Roads and Beyond Environmental and Social Impacts, Outering Road

Outering Road

ReliEnvironmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is a process carried before any infrastructure development to ascertain the real impact and benefits of the project on the social, environment and what will be the mitigations to be undertaken to reduce negative biodiversity impacts. One of the key successes of any ESIA is by ensuring all stakeholders associated with the project are involved so that nobody is left out. These projects may be associated with housing, roads, dams, buildings and roads among others.

Kenya is increasingly experiencing implementation of major projects many being funded by big multilateral agencies such as European Union, AfDB and World Bank for electrification, geothermal and road constructions. One of the major requirements apart from project proposal is the institution of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for any project together with Social and Environmental Management Plan (SEMP). But how many people take intense look at both ESIA…

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Collapsing Tenements: (Yet) another Rude Awakening for Nairobi?.

Outering Road Neighbourhood

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Outering RoadJust look at the neighbourhoods to be impacted with construction of Outering Road into a high speed highway in a densely populated area…

Benjamin Studebaker

Recently the United States and China agreed to a carbon emissions reduction deal to combat global warming. Under the terms of the deal, the US agrees to reduce emissions by 26% to 28% from 2005 levels by 2025, while China agrees to reach peak emissions by 2030, and to generate 20% of its energy with zero-emissions technology by that year. Diplomacy is notoriously difficult, and consequently any deal on climate change heartens those who watch international politics. But are these emissions reductions sufficient to avert the worst of what global warming potentially has to offer? I’m not seeing much coverage of the deal from a climate science perspective, so I decided to look into it.

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Manage information for better decision is becoming the key to making a better future.

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We blog because we have something we want to express and we hope it will resonate with someone else. Blogging enables us to build powerful connections with people we might have never met otherwise.

There are lots of blogging communities and challenges aimed at fostering those relationships and inspiring more blogging. These three, all writing-focused, are building global networks of blogger-writers — maybe you’ll find a home in one!

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Today’s Author is an open, flexible community of writers focused on helping each other kick-start their pens (or keyboards). Their prompts work for a variety of bloggers, while their “Writers’ Circle” posts explore everything from what to do when inspiration dries up to strategies for editing your own work to how we incorporate our traditions and…

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