Bridge 1Did you know that Outer Ring Road does not have footbridge and there are no designated side walk for pedestrians?

Bridge 2The road has three bridges for cars only to serve crossing for Ngong River near Mukuru, Nairobi River bordering Kariobangi South and Buru Buru and Mathare River  next to Kiamaiko and Mathare North.

Bridge 3Baba Dogo, near Dawanol in the morning and evening very many workers from Mathare North and Kariobangi walk to work everyday. There are no footbridge and designated crossing points like Zebra crossing. Resident crossing from Mathare North to Riverside area near Mathare River bridge encounter many challenges. Accidents are common and traffic jam too.This is just one example along Outering Road which justify why footbridges will be important.

SidewalkThe road is very unfriendly to bicycle riders and pedestrians too. The road is narrow coupled with poor designed drainage system.


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