Outering Road Design and Accidents

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Community Participation, Construction, Eviction for Roads, Infrastructure Development, Nairobi Road

SAM_0339The experience of designing, constructing, using and maintain Thika Road Super Highway should be treated like a manual for implementing future such projects in Kenya. From the look of things, this road is one of a kind in Kenya not only in terms of cost but importance and number of cars using it per day.
However the number of accidents occurring almost on a daily basis can be quite alarming. Pedestrians are seen in most cases ignoring foot bridges and attempting to cross at undesignated points while in some sections, traders have invaded walking and cycling lane. Very few people are seen cycling along the road.
Outering Road is soon to be upgraded with almost near facilities like footbridges, sidewalk and cycling lanes. This is going to be totally new experience for

If there is one area that questions are emerging about the road is the design and number of accidents being reported on a daily basis? Outering Road designers can build on the experience of Thika Road-Super Highway to construct a road which will motivate cyclists, safe for pedestrians to walk, have fewer accidents given that Outering Road is cutting through densely populated communities.

Communities living on both sides of Outering Road interact with each other more frequently for work, to access banking facilities, supermarkets, markets; religious and learning institutions on daily basis and people are seen crossing the road more frequently. High speeding driving in newly constructed roads in Kenya is very common. Driving from Pangani to Thika town, one will see high speed driving, visible accidents signs where we have turn and road signs knocked down.

Lessons from Thika Road Super Highway should help stakeholders to think ways of reducing speed and erecting foot bridges at appropriate points. Pedestrians on both sides of Outering Roads are used to crossing narrow road for now hence need for proper public awareness while the road is under construction and after completion on the importance of using food bridges.

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