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road signsGood road should be there to enhance public safety for all road users such as motorists, pedestrians and animal crossing. Road signs play a great role in promoting safety and proving cautionary measures.
Thika Super Highway has seen new features such bridges, drainage reduction in hill elevation for some section. One common feature along Thika Super Highway is people crossing in none designated sections. Near Roysambu roundabout next power station people are seen attempting to cross and ignoring the bridge which is next to the bus stage. There are no road signs warning pedestrians not to cross the road.
Our government should promote education on road signs regularly for all road users. For example the bicycle tracks along Thika Super Highway have either been invaded by motorbikes or hawkers thus discouraging bicycle users especially section next to Alsops or opposite GSU. Hawkers operating near the highway should also be involved in road sign education programme since they are always interacting with many people each day.
Outering Road has an opportunity to integrate more use of road signs from the start instead introducing them after the road is finished. I came across this handbook from United Kingdom, is a handbook which indicates all road signs likely to be found while driving in UK. (…/dg_191955.pdf‎)

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