hawkersThis weekend, I had an opportunity to interact with some of the mechanics to affected with the road upgrade process. There are fears that the 445 list the African Development Bank and Governor Kidero has not included the real people such as M-pesa shops, jua kali mechanics and mama mbongas who have been operating their businesses along the road for the last 15 yrs.
Several meetings have been called at Kariobangi Catholic Church, Jowanga Hotel and Kenya School of Monetary Studies but a real solution has never been found to address some of their concerns. Talking to one of the leaders who had approached African Development Bank and KURA to check whether their names are on the list, he was shocked to be told that the list is confidential while he is well known by fellow mechanic as ‘chairman’ having being operating next to Kariobangi Catholic Church for more than 25 years. Mr. Chairman once engaged road engineers and was told that the road is 65 metres wide.
A video of these experiences is being collected and will be shared with African Development Bank since the bank has a policy regarding relocation policy for people affected by the road. Who are 445 people and more than 300 residents to be affected. From Thursday be ready for their experiences…..

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