Bus stage next to the Umoja Buru Buru junctionThis morning, I decided to take a motor bike ride from GSU along Thika Rd to Airport Rd. It was a risky affair. My ‘driver’ was overtaking in such a way that I didn’t believe that I will make it to the otherside unhurt. Immediately we arrived near Taj Mall, I fired and him and took another motor bike thinking it will be different.

I was totally wrong! This one was even worse. Overtaking and driving in the middle of the road. He gave me his helmet while he had none. I never made it with him to GSU rather I fired him too at Juja Rd Outering Rd junctions and decided to terminate my ‘morning adventure’. Taking a motor bike along Outering Rd, you can see people, cars, bicycle and motor bikes too competing for space.

Pedestrians are the worst since they can be seen crossing haphazardly without much care. There is no footbridge anywhere. The road is very narrow and in some place you have to avoid overflowing water on road since if your are on a motor bike or bicycle then chances of being splashed by dirty water are high. Matatus are stopping any place to pick up the passengers.

Surely upgrading of the road will bring some sanity. But my experience today, we need alot of education and awareness for pedestrians, bicycle riders and matatus. Adhering to traffic rules will save time and life along Outering Rd.

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