Artistic impression of how some section of Outering Road will look like

Artistic Impression of Juja Road- Outer Ring  Junction

Artistic impression of Kangundo Road / Outer Ring Road Junction

The Road is set to transform East lands in Nairobi County to a modern City with less traffic congestion while giving it a new look. The project will ease the current gridlock and enhance security to residence with improved movement and street lighting. Modern bus bays will also be constructed to ease public movement.
A comprehensive Resettlement Action Plan to address the potential social and economic displacements during the project implementation will be put in place to minimize its impact on stakeholders and the public during the project implementation.  Adequate compensation and resettlement of Project Affected Persons identified in the Project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.  Members of the public who have illegally encroached on the road reserve are urged to start relocating as the Government will only compensate those with genuine documents.

– source

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