businessesWhen the real upgrading of Outering Rd starts many business will be affected since they will have to either find new customers or device ways of maintaining them.

After Thika Highway property boom next will be Outering Rd which slated for upgrade. Before the start of upgrading Thika Highway, a friend of mine was looking for a plot to purchase and the starting price was from 4.5 million after the completion the same plot shot to 16 million shillings. Talking to property management agent in Umoja, Tena and Fedha estates one will be appalled by the appetite to make profit in places such as Umoja and environs.

Speculation can go either way. Murang’a Road once boasted of six petrols stations and more than 10 car selling yards. Currently it has only one petrol station and less than six car selling yards. The once busy business entities scattered are no more.

Currently the car sell yards which occupied road reserve road have started being pulled down together with furniture, garage, welding and petrol stations among others. Some of these businesses have relocated to the neighbouring estates while some are now occupying road reserves along Kagundo Rd.

Business premises in Buru Buru and Kagundo Rd which once attracted lower rents charges have become popular with relocated businesses from Outering Rd while they are still waiting for the promised compensations.

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