Parking Along Outering RdWhen I compare my visit to Seattle, in October 2013 I realized that people have more space to move around while drivers observed traffic rules easily compared with Nairobi. Even though parking is expensive compared with Kenyan Standards, what caught my attention most was the huge investments that people have put in ensuring that there are ample parking spaces within Seattle for motorists. Here parking fee is charged per hour and ranges from 1.5 USD to 5 USD depending of the location.

Apart from restaurants I guessed that car parking industry within Seattle employs quite a number of people.

Nairobi people are so much into horizontal open parking spaces while in Seattle investments have been made to accommodate car parking vertically. People have constructed so many storey buildings just for cars which made it easy for people to access where they want to go as opposed to Nairobi where chances are very limited for to get a parking space next to the building they are visiting in town. Unlike in Seattle, cars enjoy more space in Nairobi central area than human beings.

In Nairobi central business district (CBD) area it is easy to notices people driving for long before coming to a parking of their choice. Investment in parking spaces within city centre can help County Council government earn more revenue and create more jobs for the residents

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