Outer BizOutering Rd was constructed many years to provide a link to Thika Rd. and Mombasa Rd. With time, residential areas and industrial zones have sprung up along or near road together with increased number of passenger using Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).
Unlike in the 1970s when Nairobi population was still low with only few bicycles, motor bikes and cars pressure on road usage has increased tremendously. Just a look at the newly constructed storey parking bays at JKIA indicates the pressure on roads leading to the airport experiences.

The numbers of cars have continued to increase but government is trying by building bigger road such as Thika Highway and proposed Outering Rd upgrade.

Eastern and Northern part of the city experiences regular traffic jam starting with Outering Rd, Jogoo Rd and Juja Rd.

If Nairobi is to serve its people well, the traffic flow inside and leaving the city should be well controlled and wide enough to accommodate increased number of cars.

On the other hand, since the population has increased together with poverty levels; there will be demand to address the needs of pedestrians and bicycle users. This can only be addressed by developing good road design and continuous Road Safety awareness programmes for all road users.

Roads too leading into residential, city and industrial zones have to be improved to accommodate cars reaching their destination earlier than before. For example it used to take more than 1 hr to cover 13km or even two hours when traffic is worse but when the road is fully constructed it will take to 10 minutes. This mean that pressure will pile in the morning and evening since areas like Umoja, Buru Buru, Donholm and  Kariobangi South most residents prefer personal vehicles cars than to commute using public means.

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