ProposedImplementation of development plans are usually driven by the need to address current pressures and future demands as projected. In most cases the population increase, inadequate infrastructure, natural calamities and technological advancement also drive need to review existing development plans for cities.

According to the proposed Integrated Urban Development Master Plan for the City of Nairobi, notes that there is much higher day population than night in the central areas since most people commute to and from suburbs inside the city boundaries.  This means that many Nairobi residents frequent city centre either for work or seeking services during the day. It is unfortunate that very little effort is being invested to turn Nairobi into a 24hrs economy.

However the Outering Road Upgrading project presents urban planners with opportunity to explore serious way of experimenting with 24 hrs economy. In the neighbouring industrial zones some companies are known to operate a 24hrs working shifts.

In Kenya, is now becoming a trend that whenever a road is upgraded there are very high possibilities of new investment opportunities emerging in the property markets. Currently business parks and shopping malls are leading fashion amongst investor. These centres are known to employ very much people.

Thika Rd has acquired the fabulous Thika Road Mall which serves, Zimmerman, Kasarani, Mwiki, Lucky Summers and other road users. This has been achieved courtesy of the new look highway. So let us wait and see what will emerge out of Outering Road.

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