Outer BizSource: http://www.afdb.org/…/Kenya%20-%20Nairobi%20OuterRing%20Road%20I

A Stakeholders Consultation Workshop was held on 21 March 2013. The participants included representatives of community based associations such as the Transporters Association, the Traders (Jua Kali) Associations, Market Owners, Parents Association (Schools), Athi Water Services Board, Nairobi City Council, Kenya National Highways Authority and Kenya Urban Roads Authority.

The following are some of the issues and concerns raised which were responded to and as much as possible recommendations have been incorporated in project design: (i) road safety measures for school children; (ii) public appreciation of the road owing to its importance; (iii) high expectations (direct and indirect employment from the project, development and improvement of businesses, provision and enhanced access to social amenities, reduction of travel time); (iv) fears and concerns associated with the road including increased road accidents and increased HIV/AIDS; (v) timely and fair compensation; (vi) road drainage and flooding especially between Umoja (Km 5+500) to Manyanja (Km 6+700) and Donholm area; (vii) establishment of bus terminus & bus bays; (viii) waste management along the corridor; (ix) traffic management and security provision for road users during construction (x) establishment of a Grievance Mechanism not only for PAPs but all road users and the need for continuous information sharing; (xi) noise and excessive vibrations during construction; and (xii) care and/repair of utilities and public infrastructure destroyed/disturbed by construction works.

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